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Dear Cardano community,

If you like Cardano mindmap, then please checkout Galaxy Ada

It’s still an alfa version, but I would like to collect your feedback: what do you like? Or don’t like? Any improvement suggestions are welcome. Thanks.


Hi @Tuan_Lam ,

Dang … the galaxy is so cool mate. Rotate, scroll (zoom in/out) work great.

Maybe giving some explanation/instruction box to the new user on the top left would be more helpful for new user(UI/UX). Even me as a web developer, needs several seconds to figure out what to do with the galaxy (rotate and zoom in/out).

Keep up the good work. And have a nice weekend :coffee:

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Thanks for your feedback. Good point. I will add it to my To Do list.

Have a good weekend.

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Dear @Tuan_Lam ,

I am new to Cardano but I’ll give you my simple opinion:

The Galaxy Ada looks good! I’m not familiar with “Cardano Mindmap.”

It is nice to visualize Cardano’s associations - I can see this very helpful for others to research relationships between protocols, projects, universities, governments, and companies. Also, if someone were inclined to get involved in the ecosystem, they can plan their entry and journey with Galaxy Ada.

I enjoyed clicking on the entities and seeing the summary and social media links.

Personally, I would not mind if the Explorer was the first thing you see, instead of clicking on explorer. Maybe have 1/2 the frame the explorer and 1/2 the frame a “map key” or information?

If I did not have a mouse wheel to zoom in and out . . . how would I navigate? how would I know how to?

Do you have plans for the “login” option? I am curious what that would provide.

Finally, you could also do a Newsletter or alert system whenever another entity is created on the map.

Thank you for sharing. I look forward to seeing how your project develops!


Welcome @True2me4you to Cardano community. Glad to hear that the Galaxy Ada is helpful. And many thanks for your feedback.

Good point. Let me think about it.

Very good observation. I haven’t thought about this. Maybe a “popup” navigation panel will be handy.

The authenticated users will have access to the administration pages, which allow the users to update the content of the Galaxy Ada. This feature is still under development. For the moment only my account can login.
My idea is that Cardano community can become the owner of this website and its content. Properly a list of “trusted” community members will have the administration access. Or some kinds of content approval process. We have to make sure that no scam information will be added.

Good suggestion. I will add to my To Do list.

Have a good weekend.