Exploring the World of Cardano and NFTs with Splash Gordon: Art Bank, Splash Platform, Monet Token, and the Cardano Center

Prepare yourself for an incredible journey through the realms of Cardano and NFTs as we sit with Splash Gordon, a Cardano trailblazer since 2018. Splash, along with his partner, has been making waves in the NFT art sphere with their pioneering platform, the Art Bank, and they’re now setting sights on the thrilling world of NFT gaming.

Splash gives us an insider’s view on their newest venture, the Splash platform. Imagine a Web 3 linked-in, a hub where all NFT communities converge. It’s not just a marketplace; it’s a treasure trove of information, complete with details on game IP and a wealth of token utilities like the innovative NFT recycler. Splash gives us a lowdown on the significance of understanding intellectual property, the perks of owning certain NFTs, and how their platform can be your ultimate guide in this exciting realm.

We’ll also unravel the intricate threads tied to Monet, a token designed to express gratitude to creators in the space. From its utility to its distribution and treasury management, Splash offers an insightful look into the intricacies of this token. As we navigate through partnerships and founders agreements, we shine a light on stake pools such as Nova and Cardenio, revealing how they can yield rewards. Lastly, we herald the nearing grand opening of the Cardano Center in Cape Town, a physical haven for the Cardano community. So, pour that cup of coffee, pull up a chair, and join us as we uncover the vibrant and ever-evolving world of Cardano and NFTs.

Splash Twitter: https://twitter.com/splashtokenclub