Facelift 2022

Cardano family,

 I come to you as an American, and average Joe, an 80’s and 90’s kid. What stood out when I was a kid? Power Rangers, Pamela Anderson, South Park, the Ramones. Now there are millennials. What do and did they care about? MTV, Snookie, and captivating garbage. I’m asking Cardano to captivate it’s audience. It’s platform and ingenuity is astonishing. Beyond measures. But, keep that behind locked doors and remain humble about it till it need to come forward. The information can be found online. Take Aflac for an example, how did it become popular? A duck? They ask how did a duck sell so much insurance? Creativity and wittiness. We k is the smarts of the company, become creative, tell us how Cardano is changing lives, where has it been most effective, what makes Cardano sexy and mainstream? Rise above garbage Crypto to a new competitive and respectable crypto, but with class. I know you can do it. Doge should not be above us, but, again, millennials and mainstream media memes and forums have become the new norm. Tran from into something greater.

Best of luck,

Paul O’Donnell

Thank you for the waste of time scrolling!

I’ll pass.


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