Farewell my dear community

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Even after watching your video im not sure who was stepped on your toes. I think you jump to conclusion on some superficial and less relevant reasons.

Before this gets heated up we need to get you back up above the line.


Ah damn… you sold off?

The bear market has been tough and Cardano not a great performer. I know that a lot of people are underwater on their buys. Still, the whole space is in its infancy - Cardano may need another year or two to show its worth. I hope you made the right decision for you.

Wish you the best of luck :slight_smile:


This is a great vid! Thanks for sharing. Having spent periods of life both above and below “the line”, I can relate. There are certainly some Buddhist philosophies/teachings one could infer from this illustration. :slight_smile:


Nathan agree to pay me for my video content. Some ambassadors bypass Nathan decision and reject me. Nathan never accepted to give the reasons. Nathan want to talk on phone about it. I need text because speech fly, and text stay.

I made a huge investment in a internet fiber line 200/200Mbps for that job. All money spend for nothing.

So, as a Buddhist, I am a flat liner who enjoy the 3 states. Flat line, up and down states. The middle way is the key.

Nice video indeed, Thank you

Thank you, I will come back when I will witness some respect for investors.
They often forget that without us ADA is nothing more than a napkin.


ridiculous and totaly non sense video you posted on youtube, you’re just raging :unamused::unamused:
good you exit Cardano then… sorry for my bad comment but this video realy disappointed me


You have the right to have your own opinion. I respect it/you a lot as freedom of speech is the key here.

I think some of the things in the video is valid critisism. And I am sad to hear of the losses of NostrADAmus. Since guardians protested not much has changed in Cardano Foundation itself. What has happened is that Emurgo and IOHK has stepped up the game, not CF. Granted I have a feeling Nathan had to do a lot of cleanup from previous management. But it does not change the facts the organization (who should have enough manpower to forfill its goals imho or get it) for example has only a single news from it’s website since April. (https://cardanofoundation.org/en/news/) or if you go to twitter there are a few meetings published (https://twitter.com/CardanoStiftung) and from what I can see mostly on one of the objectives of Cardano Foundation ( “Shape Legislation and Commercial Standards.”). Important yes, but so much more could be done.

Why is not research focused into governance and the issues that will soon face us the users of Cardano when a treasury system is implemented?

What plans are there for ramp up of PR once Cardano is ready for it (for example when staking is up and first apps etc)?

Why is there only an ambassador program and dear lord why is Nathan even jokingly talking about “ninja’s” on the IOHK summit talk? (https://youtu.be/0Bn2NQP2i7A?t=28948 2nd video). Frankly for a lawyer he is using surprisingly bad wording - for example ambassador that already by its name conveys a meaning of being more flawless or representing. The whole talk was massively underwhelming. He looked underprepared (had to go back again on stage etc). He talked about assuming people are doing theyre job but that is not the critisism, its that the foundation itself has very little activity.

In my mind Cardano Foundation would support development and research on the governance side of Cardano while supporting the ecosystem and ensuring its longitivity and finally ensuring transparency and engagement with the community. In any case all of this has been long ago discussed, Bertalan had some great posts on this even before the Parson’s incident.


where is bertalan? ricky boy completely destroyed him?

He will later today. He is enjoying family now, much better than all this crap.


i’ve enjoyed your presence in the community, thank you for it.

Like Schwarzy said … I’LL BE BACK.

This MEME is much more funny.

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Oh sorry, I thought we were doing uncontextual nonsense


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I hear you’re hurting, want to put some money on it? :rofl::rofl: