Faucet message: Invalid URI: bad port at character 11

Hi there,

I created my address for the testnet with the commands:
cardano-cli address key-gen --verification-key-file 01.vkey --signing-key-file 01.skey
cardano-cli address build --payment-verification-key-file 01.vkey --testnet-magic 1097911063 --out-file 01.addr

My address is: addr_test1vre6xmt50uu7mu2jmsyme9ags2s5nrrxg04fx0xfhqy06hsf04pf3

When I try to obtain some tADA from the Facuet I get the following message:
Invalid URI: bad port at character 11

I tried it also with a second address but got the same reply. Can anyone help me out?


Are u trying here?


Yes I tried here. I searched also the documentation and googled for Invalid URI but got no results.


anyway, 1000 tADA will not be enough to create blocks, u will need ~1-2M tADA… perhaps other POs can help u

Thanks Alex. The test ADA just arrived. For doing the exercise from the Plutus pioneer course this should be enough.

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