FEEDBACK: Brain storming, I want to help and contribute! free of charge. ONE IDEA, that can do it all


I been reading lots of whitepapers, and projects, roadmaps. I like the way of thinking of ADA team.

I 1st want to introduce you one idea that came to me while reading your roadmap, Something that could be THE NEXT COOL BEST THING, IT CAN CHANGE THE WAY PEOPLE INTERACT WITH CURRENCY!



How about if instead of human friendly addresses, we can create a human address, based each human being,

the address is:

YOURSELF, something you and only you have and its with you all the time.

Password: YOUR OWN BODY LANGUAGE, not letters, not numbers… just you and your special salut.

Google authentificator likewise dinamic code, created based only on the not human friendly address use this days. Provided by the wallet service or whatever way addresses are created now.

THe answer is below, at the end of Michaels maratonic challenge to create ADA debit card and the way this same idea can help.


How about instead on depending of a peace of paper, YOU ARE YOUR OWN PAPER

YOU hold the key in your own being

the mnemonic phrase is … well code based not on numbers, not on letters, MUSIC… only one in the entire world that can pay it is the one holding the music sheet, your hands, and play the piano.

LIke if only the music sheet of a Mozart song + MOZART ITSELF + PLAYING IT can unlock it all, not in a piano, but in any cell phone in the world, based only on the hardware already on them.

Again the same answer to this is Duncan’s answer, and Michael’s

Michael: From Cardano Foundation: DEBIT CARDS

What defines a Debit card? Peace of plastic, numeric code, magnetic band code. 3 numbers on the back.

VISA… MASTERCARD… and so one. That is a serious challenge they gave you, Like trying to convince banks and governments to accept ADA in exchange of their own reserves.

I guess there is also the option to…VISA, MASTERCARD, well why not ADA Card. That could really do it.

Why compete with them trying to print peaces of plastic. They probably even own the entire world’s plastic cards factories.

Why not finding a way to interact with all of these challenges, the same way Apple change the way people interacted with phones, to something attached to your hand:


something you and only you have and no one else in the entire wolrd:


and also, adding a new layer, instead of pin, instead of pasword, those characters invented by man, to make sense of language.

Maybe the password can be… music… like fingers playing a piano, with specific notes, maybe Fingers touching the cell phone finger print reader, or even those new screens that can read finger print, so the password is your chooding creation “notes” (fingers identify by your finger prins) on a specific order.

you’ll need someones fingers and secret music to crack it.

WHy not compete with the exact same notion that can help Darko and Michael roadmap Project,

instead of Debit Card…DEBIT MAN… you are the plastic, your fingerprints are the key, the order in witch yo choose to combine each finger on the posnet is the Secret number, and your credit card number, well it could be your ADA address or the same as Duncan HUman Address: The combination of a 2 factor verification authenticator + Your Finger prints transformed into code, all of it processed by an equation that gives you an unique address like we know it, this means that:

The merchant can have a cell phone capable of reading fingertips (no posnet needed)

They can have the equation on an app on the cellphone

They just need that to charge you… you, you need: Your fingers, a combination on how you press the finger print reader, (like playing a song on the piano, only 3 notes, 4 or whatever.

The DEBIT MAN number? your finger prints processed by the authenticator code and same equation, that gives you always the same number, but only visible by applying all this. maybe not even a number, but a code based only on all of the above.

Please feel free to copy Michael on the email if you thing its worth it.

OK, I WOULKD LOVE TO BRAIlN STORM AND SHARE MORE DETAILS ON MY IDEA, as well as receiving feedback, roadblocks you might see, and adjustments to the notion as well as changes to applying it.
I would love to contribute with the team, share my ideas, and also help applying solutions to the ADA project, one of the most exciting project i read from tons of white papers, marketing webpages and fuzzy roadmaps.

Let me know if you are interested on adding me to the pool to help some of this roadmap challenges, I have a title on bussines administration, have 10 years of experience working on accenture, improving their proccesses to create an internal croudsourcing social network.

Please send me a relpy if you want to hear more of my idea. Using finger prints as well as a comination on pressing different fingers on the cellphone’s fingerprint readers, similar to typing a pin on an ATP or Posnet, but no nomber yous your fingers, the order in witch you press them on the merchants cell phone, and signing the receipt on the mobile phone.

PD:by the way GOGUEN, i loved the challenge you post on the roadmap: universal language framework to be used as core infrastructure for future blockchain technologie
Maybe even change binary old and slow digital way (like old back and white movies without sound) To Blockchange based infrastructure and programming (COLOR TV with stereo sound)

That’s how i see it.

Best regards for all the team, looking forward to a bright new future!

Some of them are so crazy that are actually interesting :slight_smile:
The idea of the musical password is nice because it is easily remembered by you and difficult to brute force … But in an era of bigbrother and textured imitations, it can be easily copied.
The body language unfortunely suffers a lot … One because it can be copied again and also because probably a lot of guys would go Heil Hitler as a password just for laughs, or not :).
Also, any type of biological pass introduces other issues … To many to list here.

The card, in my opinion it is not about challange, but about connection to legacy systems. That brings you adoption. As long as the card is the de facto transaction form of payment, you have to find a way to connect to that.

But, that does not mean there is no room to refine :slight_smile:

P.S. I am not part of the Cardano team .

Take care not cutting into your finger in the kitchen and always wear gloves for not leaving your fingerprints. They are copied quite easily.

There idea is the combination of a pin (witch finger you
Choose to pres 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4rd

All of them reading the digital print so it is a combination of two existing sistems, but numbered pins, are 4 times 3 times 2 times 1 possibilities, while your digital
Print is set even in atms as a sigue
Press of one print.

Both combinations if thought by roughy numbers, must be in the billons of possibilities, while pin is small brutes force tried and one finger tip as expressed by comments might be easily obtained

The way, I am still holding and buying
Mi ada since this post :slight_smile:

Please share the last insight on top of your