Feedback for "Nurturing Ideas & Teams" category

Looking for any feedback to improve the naming for the Nurturing Ideas & Team category and any ideas towards missing use cases or types of proposer who would use the funding category.

Nurturing Ideas & Teams Category - Small & Early Stage Ideas - Catalyst Funding Categories

Analysis behind the category -

Use cases & types of proposer

Three main use cases established so far:

  • Small ideas & initiatives - Small self contained ideas and initiatives that can be completed with a small budget such as small community gatherings, simple tools and applications or translations of existing resources.
  • Small experiments - Trying something out completely novel or new that may or may not lead to further ideas or work.
  • Early stage ideas - The execution of a small part of a larger idea such as initial research, analysis or implementation around a new application .

Which above use cases is the most important for the "Nurturing Ideas & Teams" category?
  • Small ideas & initiatives
  • Small experiments
  • Early stage ideas
  • All equally important

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Suggest any other potential use cases in the comments if you believe any are missing.

Three main types of proposer to consider so far who may use this category:

  • Newcomers to funding process - Those that are just joining and are now looking to request funding from the funding process in the near future.
  • Non funded individuals and teams - Existing members in the community who have tried to request funding but have not been funded so far. Some of these individuals or teams may be less well known in the community which could be a factor towards why they have struggled to receive funding so far.
  • Funded community members - Anyone in the community who has already received funding in the ecosystem.

Other naming considerations

“Nurturing Ideas & Teams”

Rationale for the wording:

  • “Nurturing” - Category looks to support and encourage smaller ideas and teams
  • “Ideas” - Ideas encompass anything that can be submitted as a proposal
  • “Teams” - The category helps nurture teams by helping them get initial funding for their ideas

“Small & Early Stage Ideas”

Rationale for the wording:

  • “Small” - A key part of the categorisation is it focuses on ideas, initiatives and experiments which have a limited budget - meaning they are smaller in scope.
  • “Early stage” - Another potential important use case for the category is for larger ideas to get their initial funding from this category where it could be less competitive.
  • “Ideas” - “Initiatives” and “experiments” are encompassed under the idea wording

Other rationale

  • More explicit on the type of ideas that will be submitted which makes it clearer to understand

Which name for the category do you prefer?

  • Nurturing Ideas & Teams
  • Small & Early Stage Ideas

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Prefer another name?

Post other naming ideas in the comments and then I can make another poll, if you like a suggested name in the comments give it a like!