Finally ADA reach a more appropriate risk/reward

I haven’t been bullish in ADA in forever and have consistently said that 1b - 250M market cap is the appropriate risk/reward for accumulating - yes I might still lose all my money - but the bet suddenly is worth it calculating the potential upside (for me personally, and not investment advice) - as it takes account for not only actual success, but another speculative bubble.

We just entered that band :+1:

Will be rebuying most of my sold positions right here and add additionally as we get closer to the lower end of the band. I remember sitting back in Jan. and this was my original buy-zone, I did get into a smaller position higher up which increased by being in USD some of the way, just to be involved and not be emotional about FOMO if we never got here. But here we are, a year later. So gotta stick with the plan.


This is a good omen!