Finally here: the Cardano developer portal! Accepting all builds

Dear Cardano community,

It’s finally here! We’re proud to announce the launch of the Cardano Developer Portal. A one stop library featuring, on launch, over fifty articles, vetted by you, the community.

Ready for your thoughts, comments, builds, additions!

Topics covered in the Portal

We’ve been helped tremendously by various people in the Cardano community. Their builds, feedback, comments and in some cases complete articles have been immensely helpful. Our gratitude is great, as is our respect for what you keep bringing to the community!

We’re confident the portal now has a very solid basis, covering everything currently possible on the Cardano mainnet. Whether you want to implement transaction metadata, mint native tokens, integrate Cardano, operate a stake pool or get your project funded: there’s something for pretty much everyone.

All this, just a few months before the Alonzo hard fork!

World’s First NFTAs

To celebrate the launch, we minted the world’s first NFTAs: 10 Non-Fungible Tokens of Appreciation.

Each of the NFTAs consists of a thumbs-up photo of a Cardano community member approving the Portal. These double as campaign visuals the Foundation uses to promote the portal across the web – while ownership of these campaign assets is transferred to the community members. Scanning the QR code on these NFTAs leads one to the Cardano blockchain explorer, where the transferred ownership can be verified by anyone anywhere.

What sets these apart even further is that each NFTA is accompanied by a token representing a non-transferable, one time opportunity for a receiver of that NFTA to highlight a topic or project of their choosing on the Cardano Developer portal. We call these Bronze tokens of appreciation.

Dear Community, good things come to those who wait. We know it took a while, but we sincerely hope it will be worth the wait. We’re looking forward to your contributions, constructive criticisms and, hopefully, thumbs-ups as we keep building towards the social and financial infrastructure of the future with you.



This is great thanks everyone!

We have been fortunate enough to start having in person meetups in the NYC area again. After the last year of Covid isolation it has been an interesting shift mentally for me to start thinking in a more social way… Another mental shift I have had to make is that smart contracts are actually going to live in a matter of months! Because of that we are meeting with people who have projects they are or want to build on Cardano. It seems like a bottle neck for a lot of these people is finding qualified developers to work on their projects. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to help put people together with Devs? I have suggested the Catalyst discord channel and Developer Reddit any other channels? I am going to make an attempt at reaching out to the NY Haskell community as well. Is there a job board where people can post resumes? Would the developer portal be a good place for that?


Please update once the transfer has occurred. Scanning the QRs shows they have not yet been transferred.
It would be really cool if there was a post which laid out the way this NFTA and Bronze Token were implemented. A first like this should be documented for the community to enjoy learning about and possibly re-purpose.

You are right they are not yet transfered. This will happen soon and once all are transferred we will come up with a dedicated website for this. (friendly reminder: not everyone sent their wallet address)

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great work!!!
so happy to be part of this ecosystem which brings every day a challenge and ideas.

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