Find something to die for, If living is too easy

Idk why and what I am writing I am not much of a writer or reader.
But here i go

I am from immigrant family
Born in India punjab
Came to Canada around the age of 13-14
I am bad with remembering exact dates and figures
I am a student of life and I can find postivity everywhere even from the most negtive experiences.
English is second language to me.
Grade 12 English always held me back from getting into post graduation programs even after trying over and over. My essay score was never above 3.5 or 4 maybe once
But then I decided I LL learn on my own better than institutions can teach me.
mentors in life
Biggest one is my grandpa.
narinder modi (India PM )
Elon musk
Mahatma Gandhi
Bhagat Singh
Salman Khan
Sachin Tendulkar
LeBron James list goes on and on

I have achieved lot in life through amateur sports (wrestling and powerlifting ) and hard work (working long shifts at subway 8-12 sometimes. No days off for months at a time, while in school )

I consider my life success even through I am only 25. it’s been too easy of life ever since I came to Canada.
At this time of my life I am looking for something to die for, outside of family and friends.

I m just gonna write what I feel about crypto Industry as a none coder and how I got into cardano. And ANALYZED this crypto project and decided to invest my time in getting to know more and learn more about it.
I am sharing it because. I think it might help someone else in life too. But at the end of the day I actually don’t know anything :wink:

Shortly after I found out about crypto
I started to research more about it. Then i ended up listening to sir Charles speak. (Hooked)

Ok so I found a crypto project i liked and now looking to see if it’s secure enough to invest time and money in.

First thing to do is listen listen not only read but listen. Listen to The experts( experts should be credible source ) talking about that project. Have multiple sources listen to lots of various types of podcasts and reviews about cardano.

Now it’s time to search for the hard questions to ask like their goals ideology ,mythology behind the project and where does it come from dig deep down in the roots of the project.

I prefer to work alone. Now I was in my game mode I ended up with lots of leads and unanswered questions (until now I never knew what are unanswered questions). It was time to think and put those pieces together and think :thinking:and think​:thinking: and somemore :thinking: I was in my sadhguru mode type of thing (only indians know that hahaha )

“Always see the bigger picture”

Meek Mill
:headphones: dreamsANDnightmares


Hi Shera! :wave:

Welcome to the Cardano community and the Forum! :slight_smile:

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I can’t Thank cardano community enough for making me feel wanted I Never been part of anything this professional in life
I LL do my best to help community in anyway possible.


Very glad to have you here! I am also happy to have found this group and am very much looking forward to see what the future will bring.

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Where in Canada do you live? I live in Saskatoon.

Ramana Maharshi is my sadhguru. CanADA%20flag


Love the flag and I’m from British Columbia
I’m not familiar with Ramana Maharshi I LL look him up

Hello @shera_ghag welcome :slight_smile: !

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Sastriskal ji !

Welcome to the Cardano community and forum! Great having you on board. all the best from Toronto!
Everyone on the forum is great! :slight_smile:


The internet helps me a lot. Especially in the educational process. I study at the Faculty of Mathematics. And I myself can not always solve complex math problems, so I use the services of this site, which I found on the Internet

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hey @shera_ghag, i only just read this post of yours from december and was inspired by your optimistic out look on life! :raised_hands: :relieved:


I believe this guy figured something out, that is very hard if not impossible to explain


Which guy, Ramana Maharshi?

Yup he sure did.

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And if you’ve looked at a photograph of that man–(Ramana Maharshi) I have a gorgeous photograph of him; I look by it every time I go out the front door. And I look at those eyes, and the humour in them; the lilting laugh that says ‘Oh come off it. Shiva, I recognize you. When you come to my door and say I’m so-and-so,’ I sayHa-ha, what a funny way God has come on today.”

Sadhguru is another wise Indian sage.


My heart rejoices when I meet another who has been freed from the spell of maya by Bhagavan’s Teaching.

Very few “get it”.



Luckily you found cryptocurrency in Canada, it’s becoming very hard people to get into cryptocurrency in India under PM Modi.