Fluctuation and Prices of Bitcoin

With the prices of Bitcoin on an all-time high, would be wise of us to buy another coin to exchange for Ada instead? I started my quest for bitcoin 6 days ago and could not put my hands into it. I was hoping to buy Ada and could not do it. Now I think that the 5 days (maybe) that will take me to receive my bitcoin will provoke a great loss of my portfolio even before its creation. I know bitcoin will drop sooner or later, and it can be during the 5 days waiting for my bitcoins to arrive from coinbase or elsewhere. I would like to know if the strategy of buying another coin for exchange sounds good to you and whether you could buy Ada easily.

Thank you

You can buy ADA with Ethereum.

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Thank for your answer. I was thinking about the choice of doing that and what you all think about that.

What are you all thinking about recent bitcoin hack?

My thoughts about this are twofold. However, I would expect the price of bitcoin to drop or increase (less likely) with this hack. Will hack always be a problem? I think it will. Even in our fiat money, and regular bank accounts, hacking is a major problem. The cryptocurrencies are actually safer whereas the public opinion makes them seem unsafe because of the public’s suspicion of digital contracts and money. Many people go against the bitcoin revolution and their expectation is that coins of that sort will be stolen and that fraud is unavoidable. Frauds like that have a particular role in how we think about cryptocurrencies especially that bitcoin has increased so much in value in the last few days.

I wonder if they needed so much bitcoin in a hotwallet. Multisig wallets are amazing. We will have them in Cardano of course.


On what exchange is this ghost? It would be nice to know I could get into ADA from there.

If you have bitcoin, you can get to Ada easy. Korea is the only place Cardano has fiat to crypto exchange at the moment.


A rather good and effective variant to earn more using not too much time and money. That is the reason I am with it for several years already.