FLX One hardware and Cardano Ada Support

I have a FLX One hardware wallet and sending ADA from it stopped working. I tried all the other wallet recovery phrase programs I could find. This after support has been giving me the run around and told me to restore the wallet with the 24 word phrase. That led me to doing research and finding out that they are using this ETHOS wallet. I tried my 24 word phrase in the BIP39 tool and It pulled up my wallet address and the key.

The problem I am having is that when I run the recovery tool the program it closes out when it starts starts to verify (step 4) . Im using Windows 10 and tried different compatibility modes. It is a 64bit OS also. I have also tried to send it to byron and shelly wallets.

Has anyone else had this problem?. In the meantime I will try another computer.


It does Seem that the FLX One wallet uses the same kind of system as the Ethos wallet.
I emailed FLX One support with a link to the Ethos wallet thread and they have been silent.