Foundation Tokens

Hey everyone. I had a question on how Foundations could utilize a token, or maybe an idea that I would like to run by you all for input.

I am starting a business/foundation with my partner in Honduras. We want to offer classes on relaxation techniques, the importance of stretching, diet and other healthy living means as well as English as a second language amongst other things more community oriented. I have this idea of using a token and defi to raise founds for the foundation as well as giving a percentage back to investors. We would have the capital to grow and the investors benefit from a % yield as well as donation tax write off.

My question is, i guess, does this seem feasible? we have no need to be a big fish, but it is a way to utilize blockchain and defi for community improvement and perhaps the next step in blockchain utility. I know Cardano is more focused on changing the world and thus have sought you all out first.

Thank you for any input and good work on what you are doing for the world. It is needed.