From Network Mapping to Smart Contracts: The Together Crew's Journey

Do you yearn to unlock the power of community and make your projects unstoppable? This episode promises insights that’ll revolutionize how you perceive community health analytics. We had the chance to sit down with Daniel from the Together Crew, a team with diverse expertise in organization design, network mapping, marketing, and VC. They’re transforming the landscape of community building with their groundbreaking platform, Together Crew, that cleverly leverages data, sentiment analysis, and AI to provide actionable insights. Plus, they’re even exploring the concept of a smart contract for fair pricing of their tool usage - truly innovative stuff!

We had an enlightening conversation about their work with Catalyst on-chain data, their analysis of various Telegram and Discord groups for Proposers and Proposal Reviewers, and the undeniably pivotal topic - data privacy and security. The Together Crew’s vision extends to the creation of an open-source project built on traditional infrastructure with plans to transition to on-chain infrastructure in the near future. Curious about the data sample size needed to get a good idea of what’s happening in an up-and-rising company? They’ve got you covered. Tune in and prepare to be inspired by the minds behind the Together Crew.