From win 7 daedalus to daedalus 2.10 on linux

my system that had daedalus on it is still win7 and found out that old daedalus app won’t start as it now. requires win10 or better.

nevertheless, i mainly use linux now. if i install the daedalus 2.1 on fedora 32 will i be able to use my random words to access my ada?

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Of course! Not only on other operating systems but also other wallets! Eg Yoroi, AdaLite, etc.


great to hear! i was reading up on adalite & yoroi and ordered a new nano x. still have my old nano s.

so, to understand, i don’t really need to use the new version of Daedalus and could just use Adalite? or is it best practice to use both?

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No, you can forget Daedalus if you like, it’s not required.

thanks for the help!

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