FUD incoming

While some point the finger, and open bets, at Hoskinson for not accomplishing the “time lines” from 2020 to 2021, others base price predictions of the following days/weeks, dropping from 60% to 90%, due to lack of Hoskinson’s Head’n’Shoulders shampoo in the W.C. balcony. For the record, I did notice in his latest video of 28th july he had some white dots in his shirt. Altough I’m not implying it’s dandruff!

And to support the veteran analyst prediction he states:

“I remember being scoffed at unmercifully when I identified this top in LTC/USD back in mid 2018.”

“Hey Cardano trolls, take aim.”

He should check the calendar, we are at mid 2021; who da f*ck cares about a prediction 3 years old using the “classic force” card trick? Ermm… sorry, “classic technical pattern”.


P.S. I do hope trolls put a target in his back and go Mongol Archery Riding on him.