FUN CONTEST :) What do you think the 2018 December USD High will be for ADA?


0.063 thats the new North


haha damn…you can still edit it and change it and pick a different high you know (rolling eyes) hehe

if not, ill still be Happy to share the podium with ya :wink:


No sir, the pleasure is all mine. :slightly_smiling_face: My original prediction of .0711 does not conform to the rules. Hence, I amended my prediction to .071.

The future is bright :rocket::new_moon:


.066 - .085 is my ball park


Hoping for more but will go with .083


I think!.


Hey kenny, just a heads up…need only one ball park guess :slight_smile: lol Will have to take the first entry of .066 at your entry if not edited. thank for the participation and Good Luck Sir!


Hey Crypofox! Sorry about that. Yes, the more conservative estimate is best. Love to be wrong the other way!:sunglasses:


That sounds fine. Love it to go higher! We will see.

Thanks again,



yeah same, fingers crossed, hoping it goes to our range expections!

and thank you!


So… anyone who called a price lower than 0.041 is out. :slight_smile:


my entry is 0.056


I vote 0.082 usd


that should be correct, but, i think majority are still in anyways…

the month is still young though…

the higher you called, the less competitors you get.

i think there will be a battle when there’s two left and it gets close to the wire. i see some good potential heads up battles between a few pairs already :slight_smile:


According to Coinmarketcap as of December 2nd the high was 0.043286

:x: .032 USD Alexandre_Santos
:x: .027 USD Bullish
:x: .034 USD Shashi_Kapoor
:x: .023 USD TobiasFancee
:x: .038 USD c.A.n.a.D.i.A.n
:x: .041 USD BillHK
:white_check_mark: .045 USD ADA_Fan
:white_check_mark: .047 USD pvox888
:white_check_mark: .048 USD AdaLovl
:white_check_mark: .048 USD hackers_hack
:white_check_mark: .051 USD Denis_Stadnik
:white_check_mark: .056 USD npkada
:white_check_mark: .058 USD DaCooz
:white_check_mark: .058 USD Gettysburg
:white_check_mark: .061 USD Bohemian
:white_check_mark: .063 USD TheNigerianPrince
:white_check_mark: .064 USD Shahin_Zakizadeh
:white_check_mark: .066 USD Daniel
:white_check_mark: .069 USD PotPlucker
:white_check_mark: .071 USD CryptoFox
:white_check_mark: .071 USD iamdrock
:white_check_mark: .072 USD EFrench93
:white_check_mark: .077 USD Steve
:white_check_mark: .077 USD Miner
:white_check_mark: .083 USD Brad_Z
:white_check_mark: .090 USD Aleforex
:white_check_mark: .099 USD kkapout
:white_check_mark: .100 USD radneyboy
:white_check_mark: .105 USD Donnybaseball
:white_check_mark: .137 USD Herr_Rossi
:white_check_mark: .200 USD Koubass
:white_check_mark: .390 USD PerfectAMD
:white_check_mark: .425 USD kyria-rous
:white_check_mark: .432 USD fraciscv
:white_check_mark: .540 USD Django
:white_check_mark: 10.000 USD bluecryptonite
:white_check_mark: 14.480 USD Sally
:white_check_mark: 32.095 USD f3rgCod3


I tried tagging everyone but the forum wouldn’t allow me to do so.



Yahooo!! Awesome, Thanks for this :slight_smile:

So Far @BillHK is currently Winning!

The ride is not over people. …we all know how this roller coaster goes :wink:


My guess would be $0.092


I love the optimism!


Still not editing my prediction…