FUN CONTEST :) What do you think the 2018 December USD High will be for ADA?


I would say $50 to $500+ will be reach before end 2019 :smiley::smiley::smiley:


I hope that it will be much higher than my prediction, but I stick with my prediction because of bear market.


Good because you can’t :sweat_smile::grimacing: neither am I


you are much too benevolent Sir!

If not for all, i can safely speak for myself and say, i definitely admire, and reciprocate your optimism :slight_smile:


Oh…give me five.,lol


I am on my way to winning this contest. What a move in the last few hours.


Nice! i wont dare to speculate, so ill wish you the best! :wink:

Definitely shocked me to see us up 25% or so


$30.001 Overnight :eye::eye:
Yes I know it’s December 20, 2018.

It will be like witchcraft x 3+1


I think it moved!


Daf*ck, you’ve got 2 million of these babies? Nice job man.


I used too, I sold them all to buy my wife a car. :smirk::unamused:


Update: December 21, 2018 High 0.045510

:x: .032 USD Alexandre_Santos
:x: .027 USD Bullish
:x: .034 USD Shashi_Kapoor
:x: .023 USD TobiasFancee
:x: .038 USD c.A.n.a.D.i.A.n
:x: .041 USD BillHK


:white_check_mark: .045 USD @ADA_Fan
:white_check_mark: .047 USD @pvox888
:white_check_mark: .048 USD @AdaLovl
:white_check_mark: .048 USD @hackers_hack
:white_check_mark: .051 USD @Denis_Stadnik
:white_check_mark: .056 USD @npkada
:white_check_mark: .058 USD @DaCooz
:white_check_mark: .058 USD @Gettysburg
:white_check_mark: .061 USD @Bohemian
:white_check_mark: .063 USD @TheNigerianPrince
:white_check_mark: .064 USD Shahin_Zakizadeh
:white_check_mark: .066 USD Daniel
:white_check_mark: .069 USD PotPlucker
:white_check_mark: .071 USD CryptoFox
:white_check_mark: .071 USD iamdrock
:white_check_mark: .072 USD EFrench93
:white_check_mark: .077 USD Steve
:white_check_mark: .077 USD Miner
:white_check_mark: .083 USD Brad_Z
:white_check_mark: .090 USD Aleforex
:white_check_mark: .099 USD kkapout
:white_check_mark: .100 USD radneyboy
:white_check_mark: .105 USD Donnybaseball
:white_check_mark: .137 USD Herr_Rossi
:white_check_mark: .200 USD Koubass
:white_check_mark: .390 USD PerfectAMD
:white_check_mark: .425 USD kyria-rous
:white_check_mark: .432 USD fraciscv
:white_check_mark: .540 USD Django
:white_check_mark: 10.000 USD bluecryptonite
:white_check_mark: 14.480 USD Sally
:white_check_mark: 32.095 USD f3rgCod3



I can only assume you bought her a Lambo!


$589. 00 eoy


Got this screenshot when I saw this in Coinbase. Obviously a computer glitch but had a one second instant of wishful thinking.

How about:


I think a Trillion $ market cap for Cardano would put us at about $34.00.


ripple? :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


@ADA_Fan I had a feeling you would be in contention for the title. Enjoy the throne “for now” :wink:


Oh, I am soaking it all in! 7 days though seems like a quarter when it comes to crypto. It could all change :slight_smile:


$0.048 now.