FUN CONTEST :) What do you think the 2018 December USD High will be for ADA?


It seems they already published the quotes of 12/2019. Must have been a mistake. Quite like the new years speech of former German canceller Kohl where they run the speech of one year before. Noone would have noticed if not for the tie…


Congratulations to @AdaLovl and @hackers_hack !!! The two of you were spot on accurate as to the usd high for December 2018 Ada!

To the rest of us, lets get our technical analysis game up :wink: All the best for 2019 and Happy New Years Everyone!


Congrats to the winners!!!

I created a slightly different poll that aims to tap into the wisdom of masses. POLL: How High Will ADA/USD Go In January 2019?

Things are looking good if you believe in collective wisdom (i.e. collectively we know more than each individual).


Oh, thanks for congrats!


:innocent::innocent::innocent::innocent: just luck…thanks!