Fund7: Accelerate Decentralized Identity Challenge

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I published my proposal on the "Accelerate Decentralized Identity challenge": Latam Community DID.
The main objective is to create an introductory course that promotes the adoption and benefits of linking communities by introducing the concepts of Self Sovereign Identity (SSI) and Decentralized Identifiers (DID) in Latin American countries. I would appreciate if you could share your input, suggestions, doubts and of course kudos.

I have partnered the creators of “DID for Cardano Indonesia Community” and Open Source Credential Wallet in the hopes of giving these proposals its first use cases. We want to promote an introductory course to SSI/DID technologies, create a VC upon completion, and store them at this wallet.

Although it is a simple use case, we would be using it not only to promote the benefits and potential use cases of the technologies but also trust within the community, growing together and generating insights about the needs of the community and our partners.

Thank you very much for your support!