G-owns the Alphabet

Surprise, surprise, Facebook / Instagram and its ad network, Audience Network, banned ads for cryptocurrencies and now Alphabet Inc.’s Google [^0] falls inline too.

Cryptocurrencies and related content (including but not limited to initial coin offerings, cryptocurrency exchanges, cryptocurrency wallets, and cryptocurrency trading advice)

Question, what are you going to do about it?

Perhaps, you could transition away from rewarding Google.
Perhaps, you could transition away from rewarding Instagram.
Perhaps, you could transition away from rewarding Facebook.
Perhaps, you could transition away from rewarding Twitter[^1].

Find decentralized alternatives, look for companies whose principles align closer with yours.

Some suggestions for you:

Search Alternatives

DuckDuckGo (They don’t store your personal information. Ever.)

StartPage (More Google-like, smaller web results)

ixquick (Less Google-like, welcome to the www internet)

Google Email Alternatives

Proton Mail (Crypto safe email - make a dev proud)

FastMail (Private, secure, ad-free email for you or your business)


write.as (Spread your ideas.)

Twitter Alternatives

Mastodon, a federated social network. We here at Ada.st even have a federated instance running, we take our own advice :wink:

Our federated Mastodon description:

We’re a small, focused community for Cardano visionaries, crypto-anarchist, and all formal verification enthusiasts.

Do something about it, or don’t.

A link to a video titled:
Excuse Me, Your Unicorn Keeps Shitting In My Back Yard, Can He Please Not?

Alphabet Inc.’s Google

Twitter, word on the street has it their cryptocurrency ban is coming.

Original article can be found here: https://www.ada.st/g-owns-the-alphabet

What are some of your favorite Alternatives?


I just recently came to the mastodon instance in hopes to use it for my casual social media addiction contributions so that I do not flood the forum here with my idiosyncrasies, trying to break away from twitter and fb and am glad i was recieved with a good welcome on the ada.st instance, You guy’s will see me around as I break the hold the G has on me :wink:

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Any opinions on Steemit? I joined up initially just to get a Steem wallet but the social side looks quite interesting…

Yeah! That blows! Google is acting the BIG BROTHER, has to make the decisions for the the greater good, other than letting people make their own choices. Doesn’t matter though, way back when, the government played the country’s protector and pulled alcohol and tobacco ads from TV and magazine’s. They both went on to thrive…

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I agree that the social side looks promising, their current onboarding process is quite dramatic, and that’s an understatement.

If you sign up on their site, fill in a username, email, password and such. You click on sign up, you do not receive an email to activate your account, or a message that there is a very long waiting list for sign ups.

You wait a day or two and you think something must of gone wrong, trying again to create an account (and unintentionally adding more backlog to the sign up waiting list). After that you start looking for answers, someone on mastodon tells you to go to the steemit chat and talk to a moderator, you proceed to do so…

The moderators tell you they know this is an issue and of you want a free account you need to be patient, or buy a steemit account on blocktrades.us

This was my experience on steemit’s onboarding process. I do like the concept of steemit, but this experience was bad enough to not use their service.

If they would’ve mentioned this during sign up, I would of been happy to pay for an account.

Great post @Chainomatic I got away from Google about 8 months ago. They own Youtube and started to de-monetize peoples youtube channels that they disagreed with. I have been google free and don’t miss it one bit.

I use Bing as a search engine default, and duckduckgo is just fine as well.

Sorry Tim but to me this would come under the heading of “sweating the small stuff”.

Maybe I’d feel more as you do if I hadn’t read somewhere what to expect of the signup process, but I did and wasn’t bothered by the delay.

On the other hand I haven’t often been back, the content I’ve seen so far seems like just the usual random stuff that I get my fill of elsewhere. The structure and contributor compensation are certainly interesting but the content will drive use.

Yeah, I’m pretty biased when it comes to onboarding processes. And I agree content is king, better onboarding means more users creating said content.

There is some good stuff on there if you look hard enough, but like you said, you can get almost all of the same content through other channels. Personally I like Medium a lot more for distribution, Hacker noon publications are always interesting and well written for example.

Would be interesting to see what happens if medium decided to switch their contribution model to crypto :thinking:.


Google and Facebook banning ICOs is great for ADA price appreciation at least, if it is good for the industry that is questionable… All the money that went into ICOs would have went to much fewer coins had it not been for the ICO market… and the money that goes into the ICO market is money that never comes back… 99% are crappy projects that deliver no value other than squandering any investments and that money is never coming back. If there wasnt any marketing done, top coins would be the only one getting attention for good and bad… I am not commenting about the entirety of the situation, but it is positive if you are a speculator on ADA at least.