Game Changing App Idea - Looking for Developers/Coders to join the team!

Hello Cardano Community,

My name is Ryan Sweeney and I have an idea for a Cardano prediction marketplace. The idea is to bring all the niche apps that are currently on the market into a all-in-one platform. Plus, with smart contracts provide services that aren’t on the market. The ideas are endless with where this (d)app can go and change the industry.

I’m a marketing type thinker and person. I’m looking for people to join the team that are tech savvy and know how to develop/code in Plutus.

I’ve talk to Zach at Emurgo and he loves the idea. He would just like to see a team assembled before we move forward and start developing this idea.

Please leave a comment or email me at to further discuss this!

Thanks and stay safe out there!