Gen Z of Cardano holders

Hello Cardano.
I am very excited to join this project as a small investor.
Really looking forward to the initiatives to make the world better and sustainable.

I am a graphic designer from Kerala, India.
Thinking of investing more in the coming months, and holding for long term.
Looking at a 10 years time.

For a private employee working and drawing monthly salary below 1100 dollars,
how promising and risky it is to invest a percentage of the income monthly?
Currently i hold 205 coins. planning to buy more coins till i reach 10000.

what Cardano has to say to investors like me?
Millions are out there like me in India whom are looking forward to small long-term investments in good projects.

Wishing Cardano Great future ahead.

– Nash Thenjeri


Welcome aboard!

If u are looking for a great charitable pool I am here

Thank you

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Hi @Alexd1985
Thanks for the welcome.

May i know How does a charitable pool it work?

-Nashi Thenjeri

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Like any other pool but in my case more than 60% (from pool fees) goes to children education

PS: from pool rewards, not from delegators rewards, so the delegators rewards will not be affected

Thank you

There are many other pools which are supporting charitable projects:


Thaks for the info.
will check this out for sure.