General error 0x6e06

Hopefully someone can help me. I am trying to stake some ADA, but when I try I receive the following error:

Transaction rejected while signing: Ledger device: General error 0x6e06. Please consult ledger-app-cardano/errors.h at master · cardano-foundation/ledger-app-cardano · GitHub

I am using a Ledger Nano S, which has the latest firmware, 1.6.1 and I have removed the Cardano app version 2.1.0 and re-added, with no joy.

When I go to stake ADA via AdaLite, I can click on the Stake tab, enter the pool address and then select Delegate with no issues. I click on Confirm transaction and then on the Ledger I select Start new transaction? After a short while, I receive the above error.

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks


Please check in ledger live if you have the last version for ledger and cardano app.


Hey @ChrisO

I think i already saw that error like two times and both user had to use another OS. Seems like its a problam with Windows because it worked with the same setup on apple computers…

Do you have Mac to test this case?


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could be this?


Thank you for your responses. I am running the latest Ledger firmware and also Cardano app version. I looked at the Fix for Windows 10 security popup, but that did not help, however, I do believe it is Windows related.

The last Windows security popup states "Couldn’t complete sign-in. Try again and ensure you do the follow-up action. There is nothing to click on the ledger and Windows does not state what the follow up action is. I did move the pop up box and it just states underneath waiting for ledger.

Unfortunately, do not own a Mac to test.

Look what I found and perhaps it will work

To others in a similar situation, one temporary solution might be to get a USB OTP adapter for your phone/tablet (for apple seems to be deactivated this option) and use that instead, supposedly that works. Or switch to another OS … Or another hardware wallet …
Did u tried daedalus?

Must be blind, but just underneath the Unlock with Ledger is an option to use Connect with WebUSB, which worked a treat.

Hope that helps someone who is just as blind as me. Thanks again.

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Glad u fixed, now u can delegate, I will glade if you will support me