Glad I got in at the bottom

Glad I loaded up at the bottom, now let the fun begin. Time to go long my friends on this babychart%20(1)

I don’t think this is the bottom quite yet.


I agree, I started buying at 3 cents and wish I would of sold over 1.00$ but I’m buying all I can under 10 cents…This is the Google of crypto and will be the blockchain of blockchains with interoperability built in


Now there is a man who gets it… I wish I could load up more. At these prices ADA looks yummy!

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I agree that ADA is dramatically undervalued but nevertheless I guess that we didn’t see the bottom. The reason is, that bitcoin will break down soon, because soon it will not be possible anymore to mine bitcoin without burning money.
This will take time, because a lot of people have five-year contracts or so and they cannot go out at once. But if people realized, that the time for bitcoin is over, all cryptocurrencies will have an image problem and it will take a relatively long time until people realize the possibilities and opportunities

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Where do you get this from @hiasdererste ? Is this your opinion or doc you read?

e.g. GenesisMining gives extra support for Mining oontracters if they change to a premium upgrade. Comments to that say, that those contracts will make profit for max. five months and then are out of the money. But the contracts go for five years or more (see or

At the current bitcoin price it is very difficult to make profit with mining and things go worse when prices are falling and mining gets more and more heavy (more to calculate because of proof of work).

FYI, Cardano is so much more than interoperability.

Yada, yada, yada…ain’t buyin’ a word you said…wrote.

This may not quite be the bottom…When we dipped to 8.6 about a week ago from 11 less than a day earlier cuz that seemed like the capitulation that most were waiting on…we went below 9 cts again today.WTF?? It should be getting bought up, not sold under 10 cents after hitting 1.28$ WOW. I was buying litecoin at 4.07$ and Ada at 3 cents but not nearly enough…lol. People are calling for 5 ct ada…if it does, i’ll have a ton. I aint selling under 25-50 cents…then 2$

Won’t sell under 1 USD

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Load up and smile in a couple of years :slight_smile: