gLiveView node version tag showing 00000000 on raspi vs x86 nodes

My block producing node and x86 relay both have [62f38470] after the cardano-node version, at the top of the gLiveView output. My raspberry pi node just shows 00000000. It was also this way prior to the update to 1.26.1


Does anyone know what that string represents? Is it another marker of the specific node version binary? The binaries for Pi are aarch64 and I have to get them from an alternate source than my x86 nodes. Maybe this explains the difference?

Everything is working well and I’m thrilled with the 1.26.1 upgrade being much gentler on the pi CPU. Just was hoping someone could explain this [00000000] tag and let me know if I can ignore it…


Looks like that tag matches up with the git-revision number.
I guess because I’m using alternate binaries the git-revision number is just all zeros…

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