gLiveView out peers incorrect

I moved my nodes to new machines when I upgraded to 1.26.2 and since then the number of out peers I see in gLiveView is some really high number that doesn’t match what is shown in the peers view. In the home screen, I see 439 out peers in this example, the number changes from time to time. It seems to keep getting bigger over time.
But in the Peer Analysis screen, it shows what I expect, 19 out peers.
Is anyone else seeing this? Is it indicative of some problem with my setup?

Not sure why that out number is so high. But did you notice the 19 outs are all unreachable?
Is you topology file setup correctly? And maybe try telnet one of those peers on their ports and see if you can reach them from your node

Good observation. I was running it in a Docker container and something must have been wonky with networking/port mappings. I changed my setup to run natively on the host and both problems went away. out peers count now accurately reflects what is in my topology and they are all reachable.

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Great! Good luck with your pool!