Gliveview shows port 6000 even though I changed server port

I have a very strange issue. I opted to use alternative ports on my servers. The first relay runs at 6000. The core runs at 6001 (not reachable except to the relays). Relay 2 runs on 6002. I set up a tertiary server in a separate datacenter on port 6005.

Firewall rules are all correct. Startup scripts are all correct. The server is very much alive and functional on port 6005. If I do a netstat, of the handful of ports its listening on is 6005. It is not listening on 6000 at all. I have bidirectional communication between the relay and the core. And this relay now has some 35 connections.

Found a person wtih other odd issues. They said to re-curl the gliveview and env. I did that, and it didnt resolve. But I took a look inside and found the wrong port in the env file. Fixed it, and now it displays correct.

I had this same issue. I checked out the env file like you said and that fixed it. As far as I can tell, it doesn’t really effect the data displayed though. I’m not sure if this is an issue.