Good article from McKinsey on blockchain

Reposting from Reddit. Very interesting article on the state of Blockchain. Cardano mention as well.

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Thanks, that was good analyses of the state of the blockchain industry.

Well that silly chart was misleading. Where they put the “you are here” spot, it looks like we’ve already reached half of our market. I guess we should start planning for a maximum 300 billion market cap for all of crypto. Ever.

Also, the whole article is kind of like poo pooing on the invention of electricity because the infrastructure isn’t in place to fully utilize the new tech, let alone even dream up all of the possible use cases.

No. That would be a total failure of what crypto is meant to be.

It’s good to see what the mainstream think every once in awhile. I’m actually surprised they think it will go that high. That’s a good sign.

You mean 300b markercap for crypto forever (like in 2030) is high?

I think their estimate is very low. We are over 100 billion now. But I would have thought that their estimate would be even lower than they stated so I think that is a positive sign.

That’s not what they said, it’s sort of what their lousy chart made it out to be.

They had the “you are here” dot half way up the “Market Size” axis.

Just ask yourself who are the biggest Clients or McKinsey? :slight_smile:

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Mckinsey charged huge fees and was one of the firms to have become ensnared in a far-reaching scandal that has outraged South Africans who have watched state resources being looted while millions remain mired in poverty.