Grafana Stopped working

@raph_cardano Raph, I am grateful for your proposal, but if you read the post again you will will see that all discussion is around SSH tunnel, that have been working since day one and then stopped. so you are proposing something that is already in place, that is why I asked you to read the post. If you want to help please tell me if there is any other config files except /opt/cardano/monitoring/grafana/conf/defaults.ini


Just because you abandoned it doesn’t mean it’s not the best solution there is for a secure remote access. But you’re right I missed that part, if you need any help with SSH tunneling, feel free to ask. As for Grafana configuration @Alexd1985 just gave you a reference. In case Grafana is using any other file, you may list them all with lsof.

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Thanks Alex, I do not see custom.ini in the conf folder which is /opt/cardano/monitoring/grafana/conf/ in my case and I also can not find /etc/grafana/grafana.ini do you know where else it could be?

When I access Grafana around the tunnel using Public IP all is working fine.

Guys could you please share how your netstat -tulpn looks like.
I do not see grafana is listening on tcp
2021-06-10 06_53_19-_

Me niether, let me check again… wait 2 min

Yeah, nothing with port 5000

Got it, thank you. Will go have some sleep.

But, I see I have defaults.ini and also sample.ini

I think u need to check also sample.ini

And also inside the datasources folder… check both files prometheus.yml and sample.yaml

Update: have not fixed it yet, will use work around in the mean time. will look at it it with fresh eye next week.