Greetings from a belgian fintech software developer

Hi All,

I’m a software developer from Belgium with a big interest in functional programming. I am currently writing scala code on a fintech project, but am looking to significantly change my carreer.

Ever since I’ve been working, I’ve always thought differently. With this, I don’t mean better, I just mean that I often have ideas that oppose others in my teams. This could be used as a strength, but usually it creates social isolation as divergent thinkers tend to be ignored by way of majority voting, sometimes also called “the tyranny of the majority”.

Over the next year, I’ll be launching 2 projects:

  • Daedalus Voyage (use of Daedalus is a coincidence, chosen to represent the flight to freedom)
  • Divergent University

Daedalus Voyage will do research in cognitive psychology and flow science. We’ll provide coaching and guidance in this area and use this research to provide liquid, adaptable, self-evolving organisations. We oppose the language (not all content) of the flat hierarchy movement, although we’ll have a lot in common as we’ll share an origin in cybernetics, but also take advantage of game and systems theory.

To facilitate this, eventually, we’ll create a blockchain-enabled OS for these organisations. We see projects like AragonOS having a lot of potential, but ignoring, to some extent, our very human nature. We believe that we should not reduce all decisions to mathematical voting mechanisms, but rather use the technology to facilitate our findings in cognitive science should dictate the mechanisms and blockchain protect transparancy.

I feel drawn to Cardano as it is moving blockchain from a more anarchist movement to a balanced creation that has a bigger opportunity to integrate in our current society. I see big potential there to develop our Daedalus Voyage OS. Next to that, as a fan of functional programming, I respect the choice for the Haskell language in creating Cardano. I’ve always wanted to learn it, and now I have a big reason to. The safety and expressiveness of functional calling is, in my opinion, almost a hard requirement for any serious blockchain or smart contract project.

Divergent University is a teaching platform for divergent thinkers. When you’ve never quite felt at home in any team we’d be helping you with tools to use either in your current employment context OR in your own entrepreneurial journey. Therapists will provide counseling specialized in high-giftedness and divergent thinking and how it sometimes manifests in unproductive ways. In Flanders and the Netherlands alone there are 1 million highly gifted individuals constituting around 3% of the population. Only 1 in 5 is happy at their job and we’re going to help them. Next to the 1-on-1 therapy sessions, there will be group discussions and a teaching platform with unique content. I am potentially thinking of facilitating interventions in the workplace, but need to further distill those ideas.

The students within Divergent University that feel drawn to our mission at Daedalus Voyage, will be invited to participate there to create divergent friendly organisational design and operating frameworks. Daedalus Voyage might also allow them to create a place where they can do their best work if their current employment turns out to not be correctable.

Let me know if you wanna chat about my projects! Excited to be here as Cardano is being rolled out!


Welcome aboard


Great to have you here and what a striking way to introduce yourself!
Looking forward to seeing your contribution


Welcome to our community! It’s really nice to have peoples like you here! :slight_smile:


Fantastic ideas! Welcome to the community! I will be following with interest. Please let us know if you have questions or need help contacting other people in the community.

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Hi James (@DaedalusVoyage) welcome to the community

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