Greetings from a new addition to CF's Community Management team!

Hello All.

I am Ben O’Hanlon. I joined IOHK and began working with the Cardano Foundation a month ago to help the community management team to develop a strategy. I live near Manchester in the UK. I grew up in the Middle East, and lived in Ireland for a few years.

My main priority is to serve the values of the people we bring together to form a community, to create processes and strategies which have lasting utility, and to see the vision of banking the unbanked brought to life.

Some of you might already know that I came from the Komodo Platform, where I’d worked since 2017 on the community and social media. I ran successful viral campaigns, built out the email marketing and built relationships with key third-party platforms. If you’d like to dig in a little more, you can take a look at my notes on social media and community management for blockchain (written back in Aug 2018)

Before joining the Blockchain world, I managed several online communities in market research and launched an online community for the Royal Bank of Scotland, which grew to 35K members.

Besides work, I enjoy camping, reading and cooking (I went to catering college in Galway, Ireland). I love all kinds of podcasts, strategy games and have three children. If I were to cook for you, it’d have to be a Roast Dinner… my roast potatoes are the best (peel and soak them overnight in water to remove starch) then par-boil and roast in beef dripping!

Thank you in advance for the warm welcome!

Enjoy a pic of my cooking below…


Welcome to the community @benohanlon :smiley:. Great to have you!

Best, Sean

Welcome @benohanlon !

A few request…

  1. Please learn basic SEO practices for including keywords & relevant keywords in the title, heading & 1st part of the 1st paragraph.

  2. Please enable the RSS feed so the community can syndicate the Cardano Foundations “News & Announcements” content ASAP.

  3. Please post relevant content a minimum of 1 x per week (2-3 times preferably).

  4. Don’t forget to include images with alt text.

Note: There is an abundance of content between IOHK, Emurgo & the Cardano Foundation; it seems to me that the Foundation should be the primary authority/source of information, and be responsible for ensuring the public is accurately informed.

Thanks for your consideration & again, welcome aboard!


Hello Ben and welcome

Best of luck with your strategy :+1:

Welcome great to have you @benohanlon :wave::cardano:

I always like to see the UK Cardano community grow! :muscle: Best of luck!

All the best, Josh


Welcome Ben! Looking forward to your contributions.

Hello and welcome @benohanlon

It is enabled and there is a very easy way to access it. Simply “.rss” to the category link. Let’s say you want the meetup category:

This is it:

I’m using this (with some cleaning and styling) to display the news on


Good to see you here Ben!

I was generally quite bullish on Komodo, they always presented a case where they seem to have a better solution for everything, and for quite some time.

I don’t know if it’s appropriate in this thread or even on this forum but I would like to hear

a) (Forum relevant) What brings you over to IOHK/CF/Cardano?
b) (Not Forum relevant) Your thoughts on Komodo.

(I get a 404 not found on your notes on social media (Aug 2018))

Thanks @ADAtainment - I’ll look into these & start using them. Sorry, I wasn’t clear enough in my request…I was referring to the RSS feed, posts, etc. for

Thanks for the heads-up on the link (I’ve fixed in the original post / you can click here for it too).

a) I felt a career with IOHK and CF was a clear step-up for me. Working with the Komodo team was a privilege, demanded a great deal of self-reliance, and also afforded a good amount of responsibility to get things done. The philosophy was ‘if you see a problem fix it’, which is great, however, there were limits when wanting to put more structured processes in place to help us be ambitious in seizing opportunities. The move to IOHK was to be part of a team that was ambitious and who are serious about the opps. Beyond that, I wouldn’t want to comment in granular detail because I love the dev team and as I say, I feel it was a privilege to work with them.

b) Tech is Komodo’s greatest strength and it has a very active community. The devs are pioneers and very smart, the weaknesses lie in the marketing and the lack of strategy. They’re looking to have their tech adopted (white label to third parties) rather than end-user… my gravest concern is that they will be over-taken by better-organised teams who can iterate faster in all the areas that don’t rely on code. I don’t just mean by teams in Blockchain… FinTech is coming (already here) and so is Tech.

I hope that gives you some insights, really it’s the same answer, from my talks with IOHK and CF I see a team really positioned to make progress. I’ve read up on the history of CF and it’s such a great opportunity to join right now. I had to say ‘Yes’.


Hello Ben! Nice to meet you. I’m glad that such people are joining this community. I think that more and more people should join it to enrich it. I would like to say that I’m also new here. I have been in blockchain for some time, and there is much to learn for me.

P.S. The dinner looks fantastic! You have a great family :slight_smile:

It is difficult to express how glad I am to see you join the CF, welcome!
I truly am very excited for our community, and to see the CF grow and add more talent like yourself is exactly what many of us have been looking for.
Good luck in your new position!


kmd has been the leaders in atomic swaps. i beta tested some of their stuff. solid.


By the way - do you deliver?

I can teach you, but I have to charge :milk_glass: :handshake: :rofl:


Always available for a coffee if you come up North :v:t2:

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