Greetings from Montenegro

Dear fellow Cardano enthusiasts,

My name is Slobodan Franeta (sometimes people outside the Western Balkans region call me Charles), and I am from Montenegro, a small country from the Mediterranean region.
After thorough research on the blockchain technology and crypto world, I have recently decided to invest in ADAs and to become part of this community because I am very enthusiastic about the concept and philosophy of Cardano. It could significantly accelerate the emerging economies’ development and free them from political oppression and economic corruption.

As a young researcher, I became more focused on bringing behavioural finance to the world of decentralised finance. At the moment, my research’s core is around incentives that could boost confidence in the blockchain technology.

Hopefully, I will be able to attend some meetups in the future or even organise some in the region. It would be a great feeling to meet all of you in person!

Best regards from Montenegro!


Welcome and thank you for posting! Looking forward to seeing your contributions. I am also fascinated by the behavioral economic characteristics of blockchain tech. As your research progresses please share!

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Thank you a lot for your kind words! I plan to become more active in sharing my work (in English), so I will definitely share it with this community.

Hope we will be able to exchange thoughts on the behavioural economics side of blockchain technology soon :slight_smile:

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Welcome. :smiley:

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Welcome @slobofraneta !

Best, Sean

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