Greetings from Slovakia

Hi all!

I’m Adam from Slovakia. I’m a designer and entrepreneur.

I would be very happy to implement ADA payments to our business! To be specific, here’s what we do:

  • MisterHorse (.tv), video editing software (up since 2012)
  • Smarkup (.com), a text editing software (under development)
  • TimelineX (.io), online tool for planning (early development)

I know from my own experience how hard it is to start accepting payments if you’re not from US / Ireland… So I’m very much looking forward to mainstream adoption :smiley:

Also I would love to take part in testing staking and running a node! If the door are still open, count me in!

Here’s my Linkedin profile (feel free to connect!) and also my brief track record.

Looking forward to Shelly!


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Hi @AdamSabla, great to see another designer here :slight_smile:. Welcome to the community!

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So California:

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Yeah, been on a road trip this summer… I love it there!

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