Hallo from the Netherlands

Hi all,

My name is Boris Hünneman, 23 years old.
I have been studying business innovation and IT. I took lots of time thinking about how natural phenomena influence our minds and how the internet influences that process.

I am planning to dedicate myself to develop the internet. I see data as a way of making the unknown, known. A way to bind individual perspectives to collaborate in an entirely new way. I believe the internet and the implications of it for society is the core of the transition our world needs to innovate peace, to extend our feeling of relevance across our borders and to better distribute the supplies we all need.

I sincerely believe we can do this! As i see it, we have everything we need. Now we just need a huge paradigm shift, new understanding of culture and great decentralized platforms for data and money to spread.

Huge challenges I will face with everything i got.

Always looking for people who think alike! Don’t be afraid to send me a message, always welcome.

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Welcome @matnisstrovia Boris! :slight_smile: