Hash Mismatch


I’ve had my pool setup for a few weeks now and it seems like everything is running fine, but I just noticed this output when I run this command.

curl https://smash.cardano-mainnet.iohk.io/api/v1/errors/a0ba245eee2cfffe25ae6589084309755ee59a1f9d7c71a01c58f6f5

[{"utcTime":"1632934969.504698s","poolId":"a0ba245eee2cfffe25ae6589084309755ee59a1f9d7c71a01c58f6f5","retryCount":1,"cause":"Hash mismatch from poolId 'a0ba245eee2cfffe25ae6589084309755ee59a1f9d7c71a01c58f6f5' when fetching metadata from 'https://www.boldada.com/poolMetaData.json'. Expected 73eb3302de0b78e360aa85e6ccbb4382e971fe175ba941c5d1c7d30571b60764 but got 8fa847e13aff5297bb32f3aaee1b1c342598f76dd85ced251c81be3de29e2295.","poolHash":"73eb3302de0b78e360aa85e6ccbb4382e971fe175ba941c5d1c7d30571b60764","time":"29.09.2021. 17:02:49"},{"utcTime":"1632885624.478455s","poolId":"a0ba245eee2cfffe25ae6589084309755ee59a1f9d7c71a01c58f6f5","retryCount":1,"cause":"Hash mismatch from poolId 'a0ba245eee2cfffe25ae6589084309755ee59a1f9d7c71a01c58f6f5' when fetching metadata from 'https://www.boldada.com/poolMetaData.json'. Expected 8fa847e13aff5297bb32f3aaee1b1c342598f76dd85ced251c81be3de29e2295 but got 73eb3302de0b78e360aa85e6ccbb4382e971fe175ba941c5d1c7d30571b60764.","poolHash":"8fa847e13aff5297bb32f3aaee1b1c342598f76dd85ced251c81be3de29e2295","time":"29.09.2021. 03:20:24"}]

Can someone help me understand if this is an issue I should be concerned about and, if so, how to fix it so the error clears? I can see our pool in all the tools, but just want to make sure this is not an issue. Still waiting to mint our first block.



The metadata hash mismatch only affect the visibility of the pool on Daedalus… to solve it compare your local metadata with uploaded one and check if the text is the same… if yes then create another pool certificate and submit , if no then correct the file

I’m pretty sure that this SMASH errors are for an error what were long time ago. Those errors were in September, so I would ignore them. I spoke with adatools.io developer and they told me that it takes ages to clear this error on SMASH. I had same problem with my pool in testnet, it has SMASH errors, nevertheless it were fixed some time ago.

If you will go here: ADATools.io

You will see that HASH do match:

yeah, but check on pool.vet and also ask someone to search for your pool in Daedalus… few weeks ago another person had this mismatch issue and the pool wasn’t shown in Daedalus… after the fix… it was visible again (after 24 hours)

Additionally you can check your pool health here:


Seems that everything is fine, except:

WARN: Relay node relay02.boldada.com:6000 is missing in [topology.json](https://explorer.mainnet.cardano.org/relays/topology.json)

aaa great… so in pool.vet is fine… then you should not have any problems then

PS: the errors are from 29 Sept… so all fine…

This is confusing to me. When I follow that link and search for my relays I see them both in there. Also, relay02.boldada.com has many peers. Is it possible this is a false positive or something else could be causing that?

Now it seems everything is ok:

Maybe some kind of glitch happened?

Regarding hash everything is ok and if both relays have peers and TXs going, then I would expect that everything is fine.