Hash Valley Pool with ticker "HASH". A perfect 2020 visionary Cardano Staking Pool

Hello Team Cardano ADA! My name is Jason Durham and my team runs Hash Valley “HASH”. We are using an online hosted server solution in France with redundant ISP connections and redundant power to ensure maximum uptime. Initially, our server configuration was maxing out our CPU so we upgraded to an extremely powerful hardware solution and currently seeing returns around 18%/Epoch.

My team also manages multiple crypto mining farms in Sweden via our Swedish company, Nordic Colocation Computing AB. We have optimized GPU miners with a Rasberry pi/rely solution to maximise uptime as well as overclocked and undervolted the GPUs for total optimization.

From 1987 to 1992, I maintained the United States Marine Corps secure voice and data solutions serving as a fixed ciphony technician or AKA a Crypto Tech. I was Crypto when Crypto wasn’t Kool! I continued my career in telecommunications working with Motorola Communications, SAIC, Foundry Networks, Pacific Star Communications supporting the Pacific rim. I have been in Sweden about two years now. A lot has changed in the telecommunications field but it continues to get more exciting as time passes.

I have met with Charles twice, recently in Stockholm and once in Hong Kong late 2017. We have supported ADA since day one and I feel this 3rd generation project will change the world. I hope to meet all of you one day in life, maybe at a conference, online or on a jobsite. I wish you all the best life has to offer and please consider joining our pool Hash Valley “HASH”. https://hashvalley.com