Having Trouble with startup script with the new KES, VRF and Operation Certificate

I think Im headed in the right direction.

Gliveview shows that its running as Core.
But now I cant restart the Node, I get:

“job for cnode.service failed because the control process exited with error code.
See “systemctl status cnode.service” and “journalctl -xeu cnode.service” for details.”

Are you using a systemd service to run the node, or are you using this script, manually launching it?
These are 2 different ways of running the node, and it is important to know how you want to run it.
If you want to run it as a systemd service, post the content of the /etc/systemd/system/cnode.service and /opt/cardano/cnode/scripts/cnode.sh files.

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I believe he is running cntools version…

@DrSicks u should have inside scripts folder ./cnode.sh … u don’t need ur manually script for now on…
Question did u migrate from coincashew to cntools setup?
If is the case, then inside env file u must uncomment the line (#POOL_NAME="" ), and add between “” the pool folder name from
/opt/cardano/cnode/priv/pool (case sensitive)

then restart the node, and if everything was set correct u should see CORE mainnet (after it start)

use sudo systemctl restart cnode

PS: and check to not run another instance of cardano node in paralel

This is exactly right. i did migrate to your guide from coin cashew.
So I added the path in between the “”…Im still getting the same failure.
I also uncommented. (which is removing the #, correct?

Corect, but check if the old node/instance (cardano-node) is running

sudo systemctl status cardano-node

also check the errors with

journalctl -e -f -u cnode

OK. So it turned out the old node (Cardano-Node) was indeed running. I reset the server and synced with the node again. Its showing relay on Gliveview, but its synced.

Check if vrf file has the permision 400 on priv/pool/… folder, or if u have all pool files there… did u rename the files?

PS: type sudo systemctl stop cardano-node and sudo systemctl disable cardano-node

Ive never renamed any files.
The Priv folder is empty

Then is not ok, cntools setup will use that path for BP node ( pool for pool files and wallet folder for transactions ) if u don’t have any files there… it will not start as a CORE mainnet… but u can create a folder and add there the files (same name should be inside env file)

Would you recommend I download the pool files? Where would I find them?

My ultimate goal is to use an airgap to generate/sign /store keys and transactions.

U must rename ur pool files which u already have from coincashew setup

I imagine to these:

Yes, all of these

I just need to figure out what the coin cashew version names are.

I may just reinstall Ubuntu and start clean again with a single guide

U can do it, but do u have the pool already registered and running?

No. Ive basically built 2 relays up and generated all the keys for the BP.
What i have left to do is
configure the one relay to run as core
register and fund.

Aaa so u don’t have the files yet, then u must generate… from scripts folder u must run ./cntools.sh and from there go to pool > create , register, etc

U can follow the steps from my guide

and perhaps better to reinstall from 0, it will take ~2 hours to make it run

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Thank you for the help.
I may reinstall and start over. Im afraid that Im going to run into more conflicts because of all the duplicate files.

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