Hello Forum Community

My name is Vangelis, from Greece.

Back in 2017 i was doing day trading via a bot, when 1 day it picked Cardano and gave me very good gains. I had just started to get to know the cryptocurrency world and i was in only for the profits.

Later on, due to that gains i got interested to know Cardano better. This is when Charles got in the game and found a voice that was very similar to mine in many aspects and i was very pleased that someone out there actually fights and has the potentials to turn that voice of mine into action.

I also see in Tamara’s voice, a bright mind that the team should invest more and bring upfrond.

My hobby is electronic music production under the nickname “Esensides” with official releases which were supported by some very respectful names in the industry. I also love the intros and outros in some IOHK uploads :slight_smile:



Hello @EsenGR and welcome to our community! :slight_smile:

Nice to see some Cardano Veterans here :smiley:


@EsenGR Γεια σου Βαγγέλης, καλώς ήλθατε στο forum!
Nice to see some Greeks here! You probably have noticed that a good portion of IOHK employees are greek engineers!