Hello from Iowa!

Hi Everyone!

I’m from Iowa City, Iowa!

Iowa is the Hawkeye State and I happen to live in the city that has the University of Iowa. So, I happen to be a life-long Hawkeye as well. I work for Wolfram Blockchain Labs (we affectionately almost always abbreviate it as WBL).

I don’t know about dropping any links, but we are working on cool stuff for the Cardano ecosystem – you can see more about this on our parent company’s blog – (search Blog Wolfram Cardano or Liveminting Wolfram on Youtube).

We are also launching some great NFT auctions tomorrow with the help of COTI and IOHK (take a search on twitter for more information there).

Feel free to connect and message me :slight_smile:

Can you give me a link to the nft drop webpage?

We are going to do something quite soon here :wink: