Hello from Italy! :)

Hello all,

I’m a stake pool operator from Italy. I got involved in ADA back in 2017 and during last September I started being interested with the testnet. Currently I run VAULT and APEX stake pools and I started transating Charles Hoskinson’s video recaps in Italian, the first translation it’s almost done.



Hey hello from amsterdam,good job stay invested in ada &hodl,buy like i do every month no penny on those damm banks thiefs they are.
One day fiat/gold will loose against crypto then eazy crypto to 15/20 trillion value .
All the love to my italian brothers&prayers in this very very hard time amen.

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Hi from Austria,

good to see stake pool operators from Italy too! :slight_smile:

How are you, are you ok?

Best regards,
Ciao Martin

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Hi Martin, thanks! All fine here thankfully, hope you’re doing well too there!

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Some of my ancestors are Italian. Beautiful county and people!

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thanks Donny, you have a dinner invite whenever you’ll pass from here :slight_smile:

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Hi, yes. All fine at the moment. No job right now, i’am in the event business, sooo… :roll_eyes:

But we’ll get thru this.

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Hi @lordwotton!
Hope you are well there
(my ancestors are also from Italy)
I suspect that if you copy paste the spanish transcriptions through the deepl.com translator you should get a quite accurate Italian version of them.

This should make work much more easy

We can even join forces, for example, I can focus on the “Deadlines and Delays” video, you can focus on the “On Wickipedia” one. We can then share transcriptions and processed them through the translator.

Forza Italia!!! :muscle: :it:


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Hi @CardanoCastellano , hope you’re fine and safe too!

I never tried translators because usually they do a very bad job translating into italian, I suspect even worse with technical texts as the ones we’re trying to translate. I will try though the next time, if I’ll find that it helps my workflow I’ll be happy to join the forces as you suggested to make our work easier for both!

thanks y viva Espana!! :es:


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You may be surprised with the deepl translator (it was recommended by one community member, I believe it uses AI)
You may just try with any of the Charles transcriptions that are already published in spanish.
I can also provide you a file for several answers of the March 19th AMA that were yet not published in spanish.

thanks a lot, next time I’ll try deepl for sure! If you’re on telegram you can DM me (username lordwotton) so that we can coordinate faster, if you’re ok with that!

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Ciao lordwotton…

Welcome to the community…
I am italian too… :wink:

Let’s coordinate our efforts for Italian translations :wink:

:slightly_smiling_face: :vulcan_salute:

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ciao @Redoracle !

thanks, I’m pretty always available on twitter! :slightly_smiling_face: