Hello from Paris IDF

Hey there fellow lovelaces.

Just a little post to introduce myself. Currently an IT Consultant for 5 years. I have worked mainly for banks and retail companies such as Credit Agricole , Credit Mutuel , Diebold Nixdorf , Dechatlon , Super U mainly in France.

I am hoping to become an expert in develloping solutions on Cardano but in order to get there i will have to learn step by step . Thus bringing me here .

Thank you for your help in advance !

Best Regards


Hi @levcmte ,

welcome to Cardano Forum. Glad to have you here. Wish you a nice journey with Cardano Community :coffee:

Welcome from Bucharest - Romania!

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Thanks guys !

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Welcome! There are some other people from Paris on the forum I will try to put you in touch.


Thanks @Donnybaseball for putting me in touch!

Salut @levcmte ! Bienvenue sur le forum. I’m also based in Paris :grin:


@Donnybaseball Thank’s for the welcome !

@Cassandre Merci !!