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Hello Everyone,
Iam a long term Crypto investor and happy to be part of ADA family.Seems ADA got a good start and i too believe in this strong team you got at ADA


Hey! Im in RI as well! This project is amazing huh? Im in the act of writing a blog post about it, will post when its completed. Glad to see another ri person here:slight_smile:

Welcome @srenair :slight_smile: and @Brisc !

Thank you @jonmoss ! Here’s that blog article I created,Let me know if there are any egregious errors that need fixing. I’d really appreciate if you could leave a comment on the article as well :slight_smile:


So you must live near Quahog, that’s pretty cool :wink:

Welcome here

Lol!! Quahog is a clam!

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@Brisc great blog! I’ve got some pointers:

A third feature is the ability to traverse several blockchains by incorporating several cryptographic signatures and the ability to add more. I don’t know if this means Cardano will be able to speak with Bitcoin and Dash, but I do know that sidechain tokens will be able to communicate with other sidechain tokens within the project. If someone could clarify this in the comment section I would be happy to read the explanation.

  • Sidechains will allow Cardano to speak to Bitcoin, Dash and others. Yes for sure! :slight_smile:

Hope that helps, great write up!

Tom | Marketing & Community Manager, Cardano Foundation

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