Hello from the Philippines via London

Hello fellow Cardano fans. I’m Clyde, a London Boy of 20 years, originally from the Philippines. After reading, researching and listening to Charles H. (The Boss), I am very optimistic about the ADA project and the future in general. I beg Charles to make Philippines his next destination…Philippines needs Cardano, it has massive problem with its ID System, electoral process is a complete mess, Land Titling is hopeless, there are millions of unused, unmoved, undeveloped properties due to land ownership disputes. Bank interest rates and microfinance rates are SKY HIGH. Unequal distributions of wealth, Rich get richer, poor gets even poorer. Farmers, fishermen, ordinary constructions workers, taken advantage by micro lenders.
Filipinos all over the world in all disciplines including myself, maids/nannies, construction workers, factory workers, drivers, Seafarers, teachers, midwives, nurses, doctors, engineers, scientists works very hard to send money to their families back home. Remittances from all these hardworking Filipinos help the Philippines GDP afloat, yet the gov’t are helpless to reduce REMITTANCES FEES, which are ridiculously high.
I’m hopeful for the future with Cardano in the developing world, I think it will massively improve ordinary peoples lives…a LIFE that ordinary families and children can eat 3 meals a day, send the kids to school with full stomach, and wakes up every morning with a smile in their faces knowing that life is not too bad at all!


Hi @FilipinoCardano Clyde and welcome to the forum

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Hi @FilipinoCardano, welcome and great to see you’re so passionate about Cardano!

Don’t forget there is a Cardano London Meetup next week (11 June) to meet the community and hear from IOHK’s Chief Scientist, Prof. Aggelos Kiayias, on blockchain research: Ouroboros, incentives, delegation, sidechains & more. You can find out more and register here.

Be great to meet up if you can make it!

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Will try my best to get some time off.

@FilipinoCardano Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile: