Hello from Utrecht, The Netherlands

Hello everyone!!

I’m Daniel from The Netherlands, 32 years old, living in The Netherlands and really excited about the Cardono platform.
I’ve been working as test automation engineer, mostly at banks, for the past 10 years and hope I can contribute in any way to help make this platform the best blockchain platform in the world!

Besides being a test automation engineer, I own a foodtruck and a pizza delivery store, and I can see some very nice applications of the cardano platform in my business and for a few banking solutions I’ve been working on in the past.
For this I will be opening a few new topics, but for eveyone who is interested, just send me a message or add me on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/danieladam85

Go ADA!!!

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Welcome to the forum @danieladam85, there is a dutch telegram group for cardano forum members if you are interested. Feel free to join HuygensStake :slight_smile: