Hello I'm ReiKo from Philippines

Hi everyone! :wave: I’m Reiko a 22 year-old dentistry student from Philippines. I love traveling, surfing, gardening, and experiencing art in real life. I was supposed to graduate last May but due to the pandemic we couldn’t do patient requirements. Thankfully my gaming/streaming friend brought me to the lovely Cardano Community.

Seeing and breathing in lovely projects of NFT artwork right from the start on the Cardano NFT scene. Really have brought me so much joy & excitement of the future! I’ll never forget this moment & forever grateful to Uncle Charles that I resonate so much to Cardano’s vision, mission & goals!

Which made me pursue the isladiwa project with the Filipino community. isladiwa is a diverse community space that aims to bring together beneficiaries along with artists to collaborate and assist people, animals, and nature in the Philippines!

Founded on March 2021, The project isladiwa was birthed as a Discord community. From self-improvement to tackling a larger scale of environmental dilemmas, we aim to support others with collective efforts yet create a bigger impact in this world.

The name of the project, isladiwa, was derived from the words “isla” meaning island, and “diwa”, meaning soul, spirit, and sense. With these words combined, isladiwa alludes to the island of souls.

We’re releasing a CNFT project on July 8, 2021. I’ll try to share the website once it’s up but for now I’m still polishing it up :grin: Here’s a video I made to further introduce the project isladiwa - YouTube

Why the project was created
The project’s primary purpose are to help PAWSsion Project and BAYANInitiatives in;

a.) sustaining the needs of their over 500 rescues and their stray-feeding and other beneficiaries.
• This covers rescue, rehabilitation, vaccination, spay and neuter, and medicines.
b.) maintain shelters and foster homes, pay veterinary bills, and other expenses.
• This covers the three (3) shelters and one (1) apartment currently being used as a foster home.
• Running veterinary bills for confined rescues.
• Other rescue operations and assistance.
• Shelter improvements and construction.
c.) to help and donate at BAYANInitiatives, a non-government organization in the Philippines focusing on reaching out to Aetas/Agta - an indigenous group in the Philippines thru volunteerism activities.
• This covers building a mobile library that will be able to reach them at their mountainous dwellings.

I’m really grateful for all the support and the amazing community that we are part of. I look forward to do this for the years to come with amazing friends all over the globe!

Join us on our Discord Community 𝘪𝘴𝘭𝘢𝘥𝘪𝘸𝘢
Follow us on Twitter for further announcements & updates :seedling:


Kumusta!? Glad to see another Filipino here in this forum. :smiley: