Hello Lovelace fans and holders!

Hi everyone,

It’s about time to re-introduce myself. Been a member here for a few years already but not active on these forums. I’ve spent my time in several TG channels.

So my name is Bob (Toxar), got 2 kids and a wife. I live in Belgium as a dutchy and work as a PE-teacher.
Bought my 1ste lovelaces on Christmas eve back in 2017 and felt in love with project and community ever since. Been mainly active in the NL-BE TG group for dutch speaking people. As the community grows the need for moderators grows as well. Hence why I applied to become a Cardano Ambassador in order to keep this great bunch of people together in a civilist way and protect us from scammers and other possible dangers.

Anyways, really looking forward to the Cardano 360 event.
Wish you all the best!


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Hey Bob,
welcome to the forums! I think safety and with that accessibility for everyone are most important for future adoption of crypto. I love your attitude. :slight_smile: