Hello, we're Jötunn

Hello, we’re a soon to be, Social Purpose Corporation (papers filed) of three, spread across different continents. We will be running a bare metal decentralized staking pool for Cardano ADA, among other things.

We get asked about our company name, jötunn, a lot so let me tell you about its history as it plays into our purpose quite well. In Norse mythology, Ægir is a sea jötunn (often a giant, but not always) know for throwing the best parties in the nine-lands even the gods favored him, making him a good ally for the sea fairing Norse.

Were aspiring to be like Ægir, always serving up a decentralized Cardano for the world, in fair and foul weather.


Hooray for bare metal! :+1:

I’d rather not delegate to a cloud-hosted pool with new Spectre variants regularly published.

Welcome @Jotunn :slight_smile:

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Indeed, we like to say if you can’t open it you don’t know what it is doing.

From the BIOS, secure boot (<3 coreboot.org) to validating and trusting individual node and cluster integrity, our environment compares key server components prior to booting.

I knew we would find kindred soles like you @hayamoto_jr, seeing that Cardano will be one of if not the most robust and secure blockchain running, it deserves to run on hardware that compliments it.

Closing thought for you, taped above my monitor is this: the one who owns the infrastructure controls the game. Cardano team gets that.


Hi @Jotunn and welcome to the forum

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Hello, @Jotunn! It’s truly awesome to hear about your fascination in actually supporting the system by hardware :slight_smile: :+1: Is there any website already we can add to the list of known pools (List of Cardano / ADA staking pools)?

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No site yet, we will be doing a build out where those who find such things interesting can follow along as we grapple with what components to use.

I looked at that list (thanks for providing it) appears to be only a smattering of Cardano pools, where is Hephaestus and BlushPool for example? Both will be an excellent service for Cardano holders.

I do have some news to pass along, we picked our enterprise SSDs, went with FADU as they are utilizing SiFive RISC-V Core IP, making Cardano the first cryptocurrency to be delivered on RISC-V Core IP, a big deal to tech heads like us.

They are literally both on that list )

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My bad …