Hello, West side Atlanta

Hello I am on the west side of Atlanta. I am interested in learning and have set out to undrestand cardano and the rest of the blockchain community. I would like to meet like minded people in the area. I am an euntrapenuer loaded with ideas, and no one to talk to about them. Hope to meet alot of great people here and build some great friendships

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Hello @popekellypaul
and welcome to our forum.

Its great that you are interested into cryptocurrencys, the blockchain and whats behind them. :man_technologist:

For the self education :school: you can visit the English/Education Area, there are many good posts.

Feel free to ask every question that you have. We are here to help you.
So have fun and read/write here what you want.

Greetings from Germany :de:

Welcome to join the Cardano Forum. :+1: