Help! I think my Cardanos are lost



I have sent Cardanos to my Binance address and it says that the transaction ‘High’ has been confirmed. But, after 5 minutes there is still nothing at my Binance address, and it also does not show if something is confirmed at Binance (normally it does). I have looked at cardano explorer and that does not show that I have sent something. I have recently updated my wallet to a newer version (Mac OS X). I am sure I have sent it to the right adress…

What can I do now according to you?




I checked cardano explorer and it says it sent also to the right adress (binance), but still nothing arrived.


I’ve had to wait ages for currency to appear in exchange services such as Bittrex. If it’s not there in 2hrs I’d start to get worried.


Ok after more then 1,5 houres it got in my Binance account… normally it takes around 2 minutes to get full confirmed… This time ages. I can breath normally AGAIN.


Give it a day, i sent some yesterday and that’s pretty much the time it took.